Insurance Plans

Insurance Plans

We can search through a range of policies to find the one that suits you best from our extensive list of insurers. So this year leave the shopping to us, as just one phone call could find the best cover and price for you.In our quest to provide our families and loved ones the best we can during our lives, we often neglect to plan for what might happen to them if the unforeseen occurs. Our life insurance and protection plans, education plans and health plans ensure that your loved ones will be protected even if the unthinkable takes place.

Life Insurance

It is a unique combination of protection and savings at a very economical premium. Death at any time before age 85 years terminates payment of premiums and the sum insured and attached bonuses become payable. In the event the insured survives to the policy anniversary at age 85 years, the policy matures and the sum insured plus bonuses become payable. Under this plan the rates of bonuses are usually much higher than the other plans and they help in increasing not only protection but also the investment element of the policy substantially.
This plan is best suited for youngsters who have at initial stages of their careers and cannot afford to pay high premiums. Individuals who anticipate requirement of a lump sum in far future can also opt this plan. Please leave a message with your contact number for calculation of premium on your life under this plan. 


Education plans

Child Education & Marriage Assurance is a plan for the protection of child's future. It provides a lump sum benefit for the child at the completion of the policy term. On completion of term of the policy, full sum insured together with the accrued bonuses become payable to the policyholder. Please click here for the details of bonuses currently available for this plan

If the policyholder dies (Allah forbid) before completion of the term, a family income benefit per annum is paid to the child until the completion of policy term. Further, future premiums under the policy are waived and policy remains in force with full sum insured and continues to participate in surplus and receive bonuses. Upon the completion of policy term, the child gets two options of either getting the proceeds in a lump sum or in five equal installments.


Health plans

You can never be too sure about what lies ahead, especially when it comes to your health or to the well-being of your loved ones. In today’s age advancements in medical and health science are occurring at an unprecedented pace making possible what once was only a dream. This however has come at a cost as medical expenses are also on the rise making vital procedures and even general care at a reputable hospital unaffordable for the general population. In order to counter this, we can arrange you affordable and essential health plans that enable you to receive top of the line health care without having to worry about financing it and provides you financial support and assistance in case you or your family members have had a medical emergency but also provides various additional built in benefits

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